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Shark Game

This game was a real hit with my three year old! We introduced this during our “Ocean” homeschool unit, but it is great for any time of year and highly customizable to every child’s age, grade, and skill set. 

We played the game using a dry erase die. I got mine here. As a side note, this die has served us well in so many ways (have kids who are indecisive about activities and outings? Write down your favorites and roll the die. Or use it to divide household chores. The possibilities are endless). 

For this game, I wrote down a letter on each face of the die, and wrote those same letters on several paper “fish.”  These fish don’t need to be perfect. Your freehand drawing and cutting of any fish shape out of cardstock or construction paper will work just fine.

I made my shark out of a standard foam poster board I picked up at the dollar store. I painted my shark and cut a little slit in the mouth area.

I had my son roll the die and shout out the letter if he knew it. If he didn’t know the letter, I asked him to find the matching fish, and then we talked about which letter it was, what sound it makes, etc. If you don't have a die, no problem! Just call out the letters

Next, the fun part: FEED THE HUNGRY SHARK!!

Sometimes my son catches on quick to my “games” that have an underlying educational goal. Fortunately, he was blissfully unaware of my ulterior motives and asked to play the game over and over. 

Here are some ways to customize this game to teach different skills. 


Make a spinner with some or all of the colors you want your child to learn (easy instructions and materials here). Cut out fish out of construction paper or card stock in corresponding colors. 


You can use a regular die, or the dry erase die if you prefer to write out the numbers. For the fish, you can either, write numbers on the fish, draw dots on the fish corresponding to the numbers on the die, or simply feed the shark the correct number of fish. 

I hope you have fun playing this game with your little one and customizing it to your lessons! 

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